Saturday, July 11, 2009


damn la why does every hot chick has to be a tranny so sad.Transformers chick who kissed Shia Lebeouf is a damn man i am so pissed i thought she was 100% pure female man but what i found out news breaking that she even admits herself as a man when young age he/she had surgery and the parents even supported him =.= gay parents lol messed up childhood fella. To sexy to be true right? This is the link

R.I.P the king of pop Michael Jackson

its was so sad when Michael Jackson passed away when he was in UCLA having cardiac arrest TT

when i was small i was obsessed with michael jackson but when i am about to grow up my taste of music just changed but i still respect MJ as he made alot of contribution to music and has made a world record on his album "Thiller" as a platinium album

Monday, May 11, 2009

The One Academy

most bottom sitting is me xD

lol suddenly all looking lenglui up high in the sky xD
lol as my college life starts i made alot of friends we even have a name for ourselves as a group lol called the shit cha gang a.k.a chinese tea gang coz when we went for our lunch we sat at Ming Tien some damn rip off restaurant Milo cost 2.70 there i was like Chi Sin meh milo only wor lol then we decided whole 8 kaki all drink chinese tea and guess what?Our first class was finished art wow first day assignment also so damn hard already but the teacher is a joker and kinda good actually we told jokes around also in the class 9 till 1 and the time flies when you are having fun lol when our class dismissed we went to sunway pyramid to have our walk and took lame pictures just because some bastard organise that we shud take a picture for the first day of class LOL!and somemore for the first day lecturer Helena Tan made me class monitor i was like WTF?why me lol

Saturday, April 25, 2009


outside starhill good place to yum cha

damn nice la starhill gallery top floor clubbing i wanna go there when i come again

LOL!stupid la this description dunno real or fake i ate ice cream and ate the oyster no feel also xD!

my brother taking pic of the scenery at Jogoya

LOL my parents and relative 11 person go total how much? =x

supper was satisfying


lol the dessert name is called Mochi!


salad bar


prawn coated with salad mayonnaise and (sprinkles)<<< o.0?


the drinks corner lol at the back just the liquor bar shhhh!dont tell my mum i had an AK 47

i cant believe Jogoya serves Haagen Daaz


even Baskin Robins cant fight it xD erm....i post this to make someone jealous guess who is it?LOL!

assorted handroll corner (no people to serve)LOL!



damn stupid la LIMITED CHOCOLATE COOKIES 2 pcs per customer i was like wtf?my uncle called me to tell the fella
UNCLE:go take some more la ask from them only
ME: limited 2 per customer
UNCLE:we have the right la, ask them MORE!till i say stop xD (damn funny la my uncle)

yuck!brocolli baked with cheese (DISGUSTING) 0 out of 5 LMAO!


still the FAKE SHIT

assorted dim sum

seaweed noodle first time i see~

assorted sushi

sliced abalone and tuna

fresh water prawn


Haagen Daaz vanilla + chocolate chip cookie = make L_ _ P_ _ Y_ _ jealous!

tempura prawns

woot LOBSTA!


man i love LAVA lamps

Who took my cockconuts?

another lobster dish

Loong Tan fish

Lol only VIP members

Full Q

man so full this was the first time i went to Jogoya for supper!eat till you drop.even i went to Lemon garden i prefer there it was better than Jogoya d 5+ 10 the government tax CURSE U GOVERNMENT TAX!per head it was like 100++bucks but lucky la damn many the damn voucher to back us up =D!very satisfying and their service okay okay lo.haha StarHill Gallery rocks and i am gonna be going there for clubbing next time woot my mum wanna go c one but then she wanna go home d so no time to go up to see that.super fun super chun.