Monday, May 11, 2009

The One Academy

most bottom sitting is me xD

lol suddenly all looking lenglui up high in the sky xD
lol as my college life starts i made alot of friends we even have a name for ourselves as a group lol called the shit cha gang a.k.a chinese tea gang coz when we went for our lunch we sat at Ming Tien some damn rip off restaurant Milo cost 2.70 there i was like Chi Sin meh milo only wor lol then we decided whole 8 kaki all drink chinese tea and guess what?Our first class was finished art wow first day assignment also so damn hard already but the teacher is a joker and kinda good actually we told jokes around also in the class 9 till 1 and the time flies when you are having fun lol when our class dismissed we went to sunway pyramid to have our walk and took lame pictures just because some bastard organise that we shud take a picture for the first day of class LOL!and somemore for the first day lecturer Helena Tan made me class monitor i was like WTF?why me lol