Thursday, February 26, 2009


this is how the game looks like familiar?

lol man as days passes by me and my friends Jason, Hau En, Chee Hau went yum cha as usual near Sri Petaling Hotel there is a Cybercafe there well known though NetStudio man its my favourite place =) most of the time i am there with my "kaki" when we are bored we went playing this game Left4Dead that i intro it to my friends when that game just released.This game needs alot of teamwork if you're down your teammate can help you up and shoot for you and also back you up unless your teammate is like my friend Jason a retard shit him shoot me even i am his teammate =.= then i tried shooting him back i put my name as Darius and he put his name as samdog i was like WTF!lol i shot some zombies as i was using the shotgun suddenly there write Darius has startled the Bitch some stupid npc like a miniboss crying for her mama or something cant look at her with torchlight punya bitch real name is witch though lol!but really made us laugh la this game some fat bastard name boomer ate too much and starts puking all over the place while zombies come "raba-raba" u (if you know what i mean) x) u guys shud try this game out to kill time (Recommended for most ladies to play too) =) Esther NG dont get obsessed about this game!