Sunday, March 8, 2009


YUMMY!i love Italian food lols mushroom risotto xP
this is the magnificent apple crumble topped with whipped cream x)
Japanese Sashimi freshly finished B-)
3 WORDS Lovely, Cute, Adorable x)
Although i am a guy (guys too have sensitive sides) this picture of this baby cough*reminds me when i was a baby!lol hmm...the father is a Canadian and the mother is a Korean imagine of a Malaysian married an Indian this comes out the result!lol

hmm...oh ya shitty event big time event on this coming thursday the day of the JUDGEMENT where our Gods(teachers) will send us to heaven or hell aiya same shit la heaven and hell LOL!that sounds so wrong right?SPM results PUI!sure GG sad case hope that everyone is not nervous.ever head of "touch & go" when i go there to collect my results i sure "Take & GO" so if parents or friends ask for your results there is this famous saying even i used it on my UPSR and PMR say this
1.Ok ok lah*
2.Not so bad la*
3.Got credits lo
4.Dont wan say

* recommended to stealth your results LOL!