Monday, March 16, 2009


The All Cheesecake Rejects =x
burnt cheese cake anybody?

this Ben Ben is damn horny man OMG hump on the owner LMAO!Samantha i feel damn sad for your damn dog lols giving me that kind of look like Russell Peters saying *click bi leh *click bi leh

this is what i call doggystyle xD!=x 18-SX though (say my name)!

LOL the POOP factor its actually cocoa powder+sugar+milk boil until like that xD and this is the last result sammy likes it though =)(looks like TURD,Ben's behind a.k.a leavings,droppings,leftovers lol)

Today went to Sammy's house to bake cake damn funny lol many affairs like Ben her dog tried to hump her reminds me of Russell Peters lol!shouting (say my name)oh my gawt *click BI LEH BI LEH!LMAO (emily you should see this post lmao!) the way today went to enrol my college settle everything The One Academy 7th May here i come =) paid my fees waiting for orientation now.