Sunday, March 15, 2009

Starting College Life~!

Lol this fella my IDOL!

This i took at a supermarket sounds so wrong right xD ATTENTION to EMILY:I bought this for you drink more for your future husband :)

ATTENTION again!:to EMILY you bloodyfool stop spamming bad words in my BLOG this blog is suppose to be entertaining not to teach children bad mouthing so this is rated PG-13(i hope my teachers or aunt or parents wont read this)they would castrate* me if i post this up LOL!

*balls cut off the way i just got my results at that thursday lol i wanna stealth my results so badly man haha erm got A1 la plural xD!dun wan say sahaja those who know jangan bagi tahu if not i go castrate* those who uncover my damn results got 2 9G though DENG!!!ishhh damn dulan one for history and another for accounts haha accounts i dont give a damn bout it when teacher is teaching i slept or ponteng class even dunno where to put DEBIT & CREDIT~!